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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Dead Hand as PARASITE

I Disagree with her conclusion that we have no power. We -each person- needs to free themselves from the internal programming - which means face our beliefs and track them, where did they came from?- then we can start to discern and dissect our own fears and our programmed lack of power.

Deep and embedded our filters and boundaries have been designed and constructed for thousands and thousands of years by the parasite that has stolen the mysteries and called them 'evil' to keep the masses under control. The torture and fear propagated by the DEAD HAND parasite is passed on through our DNA- our lineage. That is why the secret echelons of the dead hand, so covets blood and blood sacrifice.

This world is meant to be a free will creative expansive beautiful planet. The parasite came in with 'the lie'
and called it free will. IT comes in on the spore of fear.We have been cut from our spiritual essence, like the brutality of childbirth in the modern age. We all need to call upon our own blood, to see us through what they are designing for us. The monetary system, the healthcare system, the highway and interstate system, the ports and skies privatized and manipulated by other governments (USA). The camps being set up and the killing fields being named. They spray us to keep us form looking up. The tv programs us- the screens track us- . The real currency is Love.

At least 6 Gc MAF Doctors have died questionable deaths. A Parasitic attack