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Thursday, June 23, 2016

GOOGLE Blog on Google Blog

To Big to Care

I WASTED at least five hours this morning trying to buy a mailbox and put it as a contact on my new website IT is like I depend on google for so many things and I appreciate being able to do so many things using the company but am affronted and bewildered by their complete lack of customer care accessibility. When I CALL they say that I need support ticket or PIN.... they walk me through a wrong path TO FIND THE PIN OR SUPPORT TICKET number and it says THAT I already have the app for the email address but THE instructions to find it are wrong and I haven't figured out how to access my email information to install the google email app onto my website. I have been trying the 'help' and 'support' search but all instructions have been wrong or not clear enough for this six year old who is on the edge of a tantrum- to do. MAYBE IT IS BECAUSE OF WINDOWS TEN -that's it - its window 10s fault. I LOST A BUNCH OF MEDIA VIA WINDOWS 10 UPLOAD AND i am frustrated that it seems that they intentionally made windows 10 to suck too.