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Thursday, June 2, 2016

"'We're in a tight spot' MUTABLE CROSS

MUTABLE Grand cross mutable New Moon JUNE 4, 2016 release fear of being who you truly are....humongous -light and love. All beings awaken from the trance. My finger are clicking like maracas
To me personally it feels like the biggest time of my life
Pivot point, I’D be feeling it even if I HADN’T STUDIED IT. Somethings brewing and I WOULD LIKE TO SAY its been in the works for a long time. ILLUMINATI TYPE FILTER is --->A freight train barrelling down the tracks -a metaphor for me today. And it will either take them- the shadow down- or it will corrupt all life for a very long time. The time now is to get out of illusion that has been maintained for far too long. Our damaged and turned off- DNA become our fear and ball and chain. Keeping us small. KEEPING US small... - keeping us small. has been the tactic of the torture that has been inflicted upon each and every human being Every human being has been corrupted by the shadow, the dead hand, the twisted ones have suffered through their own kind of torture the loneliness of destruction, the regret, hides from them because they are possessed and trained not to feel so they cannot feel the pulse and the magic in every living bei>ng-- even the fallen.