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Monday, March 6, 2017

Screams in the Ethers

story time
Daughter of Neptune speaks-
. In my mind [or in my soul?], I heard the collective scream of children, thousands of children. Crying in terror. I reminded them, in my mind, that they could change that probable future into nothing.I asked them to remember.

I will speak of my capabilities as I see them - I feel things in a large splay. NOT the detail, others are gifted at that, I am more oceanic, I say its coming from over there. Ahoy Ahoy over=there, be on the lookout. For me, tonight ,
I estimate and conclude HAARP
= called a bomb. A release of radiation maybe a detonation of a nuclear or
'dirty bomb'. Set up by the shadow -the dead hand -that has not been severed and thrown to the fires of Hell. Since my area[I feel as though I have an assigned area of focus]is the west, my guess is California. Much angst is being projected at California from one of the main online propagandist who I will call Bill. Bill is taken to calling liberals evil and he calls himself a populist. I find him prone to egocentricity and lies that he mixes with truth. The truth that is in our bones, the truth that we know and are called crazy for knowing. That's why Bill is so popular. A lie mixed in with the truth is a lie that will appear to be true. Hypnosis 101/

mk ultra is pervasive in the music industry- look at the pictures think of the deaths of the greatest musicians= they are killed as sacrifice to steal and gather power- but still the music is mighty and martyrs all...
The victims rise to be victims no more..