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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Day without Chemtrails is like....

...a Miracle -
The coolants spray white and dissipate to a metallic haze. " A little aluminum never hurt no body." They spray -they zap. The frogs stop crooking when they zap. Watch the clouds change.
Watch the body language when a geo engineer is asked about long term damage...

Prove me wrong.

There is a joke - A guy, he might have been a powerful man, he might have been an average JOE...HE dies and Saint Peter is standing at the gates with the Devil and Saint Peter says the Devil wants to make an offer. Joe turns to the Devil and the Devil says that Joe has an opportunity to choose Heaven OR Hell. He gets to sample Hell for twenty four hours and then he gets to choose. So the man chooses to try Hell out, the Devil was so handsome and convincing .... There in Hell Joe sees his dead wife only she is twenty and even sexier than when they first met, there are golf courses better than any on Earth and drinks and coke and all the things Joe lusted for in life....After twenty four hours Joe is returned to the pearly gates and Saint Peter asks him to choose. Joe says that is an easy choice, he chooses HELL. The handsome Devil laughs with glee , snaps his fingers and wham Joe finds himself weeping and gnashing his teeth while his skin melts.