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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Road to Nowhere

This song bubbling in my head all day. Monsanto, why? How can you be so blind? Why are you here?/\ What do you serve?
A form of psychopath has risen to the top of all aspects of our economy. They lie in wait. Ready to pounce. The predator and we are the pray who has had allowed a parasite to rise via programming to an epoch proportion. There is a feeling of power when possessed by power. A dark light shimmers amongst the blood offerings. Thw parasite paces. Brown shirts coalesce. Thinking they are so pious and good, and smart when their beacon is security noosed in fear and division.

We are the commodity that is traded.

going along to get along.

Kennedy's assassination is like a brand on my soul. I was a child. The Vietnam war. Governments Lie.
Broke my hear when I heard that my government traded arms for coke and brought coke and heroin into the inner cities. I was brought up to honor and look up to the idea of freedom and mercy, the USA. Maybe it was John Wayne or maybe Tarzan always won? I always believed in my country and the idea it was founded on...The Constitution used to be the bottom line. Today? Every thing is up side down. tipping over. Playing Sibyl: I would say we are listing bad and a storm is upon us. Heroes awaken ...or we will go down down down. They need. The ones who practice the Voodoo of Destruction, the Dead Hand needs us to stay in denial of the facts in front of us. 'the left' couldn't look at the truth of Hilary and what her emails said. And the right won't look at Bush Cheney and 911. There truley are conspiracies but we are not allowed to look at them without accusations of insanity. That is the tendency that we face. My Nation, our Nation is fat, sleepy and numb. We can't see what is in front of us. We will be responsible for unwillingness to see, in the end, you know.