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Monday, November 26, 2018

Different Worlds

I look at the carnage in California that 'they' are calling fires and I don't see one shred of evidence that these are actual fires. I see a lot that says they are not fires. Fires would burn the trees first/ fires don't go in straight lines. Fires don't attack houses first. Fires scorch.
Fire follows certain laws. We would not be able to have a combustion engine or a wood stove if it didn't follow these innate laws. we woudn't be alive because every cell in our body depends on the energetic combustion.

My poor countrymen who are so programmed that they see a forest fire when looking at these pictures. It is insane! and they call me a crazy conspiracy theorist! Look. Yes It SUCKS! BUT WE HAVE TO LOOK AT THE PROBLEM TO FIND THE SOLUTIONS!

My choice would be to turn Raytheon and the other energetic weapon based corporations to dust.

Sounds like the contrails could easily have these mixtures added. scary.
Thermite plus microwave perfect storm.
The Perfect Storm pre-program the collective programming.