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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello ! So the stolen medicine, food, paper ,fibre, oil, light auto design, housing, a panacea for most societal ills, is still being demonized when really the demons are the industrial complexes that lie,steal and cheat us out of our rightful inheritance.
Dr Hampson’s study has focused on cannabidiol, rather than the psychoactive chemical THC, because this substance has no side-effects. He stumbled on the finding while trying to find out why the human brain had so many "receptors" for cannabis compounds and what the receptor system was designed to do. "There are almost as many cannabinoid receptors as there are of any major neurotransmitter, so while no one knows what it does, it seems to be pretty important." Stroke victims suffer a blood clot which starves brain cells of glucose and oxygen, and sets off a cascade of chemical reactions which destroys cells. He found that both cannabis compounds seemed to block the destructive process. Some drugs work well in test tubes, but fail in living creatures because they do not reach the target. Cannabis compounds go straight to the brain. The results suggest that cannabidiol could also become a treatment for other neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Dr Hampson said: "We have something that passes the brain barrier easily, has low toxicity, and appears to be working in the animal trials. So I think we have a good chance."
Pot versus USA drug policy (which has created this Columbia. It is SHAME FULL!