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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ryan Ochoa

Friday Harbore WA: Ryan Ochoa, a twenty year old, died from an apparent overdose of heroin. I want to scream ASSHOLES! There's the success of the Drug war aimed at tethering our youth, their greatness aborted by the thickness of the lies whispered in their ears, absorbed and assimilated. How did we miss the echoes of despair in Ryan's Life? One thing our government could do is to do surprise inspections of all cargo, coming in from Afghanistan and Pakistan Military and Contractors. We could encourage hemp to replace heroin poppies in Afghanistan. We could arrest and prosecute the Generals that allow the transport OF HARD drugs into our nation. **
Oh--- I forgot Ollie North is now a hero. **(i DON'T OF CONSIDER cannabis a hard drug-->>its the tree, given to us