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Thursday, September 6, 2012

fact check

Myths verses fact

Did he dodge something at the end? What happened? are they going to use something out of Men in Black that they flash at everyone who saw? Was Joe drunk? (I'm just saying)it probably helps him to spout his myths. 911 bin lauden, killing of Osama when he was already in the grave? I still want to scream insanely when I am lied to , when they want to portray themselves as golden honest boys - honest like Bush? Health care reform would mean dismantle the companies that are huge and parasiticle that are intentionally poisoning us, banks that are banking on our starvation, privatised prisons that are drooling for a violent revolution. I am glad the convention seems to have dodged a bullet (0r something)

4:05 am morning after the convention
I feel like I live in an alternate universe - seeing things that few others notice.
Obama's dive at the last photo op before exiting the TIME WARNER STADIUM, at the end of the convention, Some people in the crowd sobbing and looking shocked,

It looks like there was some suppression of Michelle Obama's speech on youtube. Why is youtube the only platform that we go to ? There was yelling in the background at the convention, it reminded me of Bush's USA chant to drown out protesters. there is some youtube editing...they pulled speeches because of supposed copyright laws - i mean information suppression. I think the internet is getting more controlled by the day. Google searches are not as open as they used to be. I think there is a lot of editing and pulling of information going on. re writing facts. keeping us focused on meemes that are only meemes and have no basis in what actuallly is going on.

I loved Clinton's speech and Elizabeth warren's speech