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Sunday, September 9, 2012


actually two - Joe I hope all is well. something happened. and my imagination takes off ahead of everything, how are you and your family? It is like anything is a target. That is why I remind you- you brothers to remember how to build the city. Not out of lies or myths but out of the hard truth broken out in gentle chunks. YOu will be protected if you feel the support that you have. We all thirst for the truth and get confused ( and malleable) when fed on lies. Is that what you want? a Zombie nation? or one alive and shining and real, not a myth or fable but anchored mystical light
the new city structure can be built in our minds, with our minds in conjunction with our hearts. New Jerusalem is not built by a fabricated war. That war will serve no one but the Merchants who by creation of that war are cast back into the jaws of hell. The deception can go on no longer. From now on - we choose to be deceived - and by that choice we make an alliance with the lie which serves no one..