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Friday, January 3, 2014


Mumble mumble whisper whisper

"Do you want to end the Constitution and have a police state in your town? then join our force....We are a growing surveillance company....Its a place where you can feel powerful, a place where you can act like you care when really you don't. Yes, we are looking for zealots and psychopaths to join our growing Brown Shirt ranks. You can make money by infiltrating a town and pretending that you care. Gee, its so easy even you can do it. Lurking around. Eaves Dropping. Watching on the cameras that we've installed everywhere. Take an oath of secrecy today... or else. Ask us about our high paying hit squad if you have had some military experiance and want to be a 'good' American."
We also are hiring computer specialists with abilities to create cyber holes for "enemies of the Corporations" Think Syria. We work well we work efficiently. If you pretend to be a Christian and want to kill all Muslims then join our mecenaries in the Mid East. Their aim is to create World war three Be fooled today!. Or... fly weather modification planes and act like your doing it for your children's security...."

Do you comprehend the Constitution?
If you did things would change

Or do you only bow to the Corporation?