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Monday, September 8, 2014


The precipice looking deep and unavoidable
Its almost like why try to stop it
World War three, come on down
So what if two thirds of life is splattered in a sacrificial alter to Satan
Men who claim Christ and destroy the earth purposefully with intent, finally look in horror at what they did. The scowl of a smile melting into tears of regret

Here is what I see the Neocons as attempting
Waves of attempts (not just one front) All fronts Starting with the murder or sacrifice of Robin Williams. I will say San Francisco was meant to be fried and fricasseed. But thanks to some mighty works of light was spared for this moment. The telegraph lines of light celebrate for a breath and move on. Chemicals and chemistry, keep us afraid, they announce what they plan when they say “the terrorists could…”It’s wave after wave…
Research reveals that access to chemicals that directly cause cancer in our bodies PERPS because they block the transcription key to our cells reproduction.Chemicals that do this are easy to access if you have the money, honey. Lovely episode in future musings, lets say no to them spraying us… ‘Just say NO’
Its all a video game to many of the mercenaries, hate ramped up programming, amphetamine hype.
There are lists of who to kill. They kill, one by one activists who are or could be influential, I think by many methods including PERPs.
The military contractors are imbedded throughout the country like cockroaches hiding, waiting, fire –fire- mayhem –wee hee and thanks to DARPA they have all of the top of the line weaponry and the license to use them…Remember when GW gave them immunity?...
Oh Jesus I do pray that the sword of truth shines brightly this day and Love dawns in the damaged lands of war and despair.
My Job? I ask. Anchoring Light and Love in all my thoughts Seeing the globe and this full Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron Sun in Virgo 15 degrees as waking up, shedding the fear that has cloaked this planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Mars is on my Saturn and Venus is on my ascendant and natal Jupiter.