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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Letter to the Puppets

If I could put a picture of the Goddess Isis I would but my computer isn't doing it.
So let's pretend that she sits right here as you read this....lest we forget...

this video was posted on June 22, 2014 (Is the opening 'What dreams may come? I never saw it.)Another '"HERALD"' video which states the psychotic state they are in. They forget first John.
You know who you are.
You have been played to the point that you are in a corner with all guns pointed at you.
If you move against them, your dead, if you stay aligned with them, your dead.
Like Satan did to Jesus, they promise you the world.
So if you see things only as black and white, there will be blue added to the mix.

This Pentagon, with a density of trance, that war is an answer. War is not an answer at all anymore, it is the answer to an energy that seeks to destroy you and all life, as they hug and kiss you. They have practiced smiles, but with eyes that hold no warmth. That is how you tell your friend from foe today. Make them take off their sunglasses when speaking to you.

The NEOCONS are executing a plot to cause WWIII shich includes a nuclear war.

"Won't that be nice, we can walk into the city and take it over after we have our soldiers clean up the dead." the neocon's say in their secret holes.

The NEOCONS have been given access to chemicals and virus's that will take out large sectors of the population and they think that they are being smart in their slyness.

So to you our dear Puppets, I plea, take their power away, create a coup of the men who have been warning you of them. It is much worse than anyone really can fathom. You can't play their game anymore, because they have a cleaver to your throat. Money isn't anything on the other side. Use that power from the other side. Many are here and stand in unity for the Earth to prosper in her beauty and her wild.

Arrest the NEOCONS who have been plotting and planning to take over Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan today and take down their properties which include military contractors and their weapons in the USA.

thank you and amen