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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Our physical senses cannot perceive the spectrums beyond the speed of light.
Without using our spirit, we are trapped in the dimensions of density.
Neville Goddard called imagination God. There are many aspects of God. Everything exists inside God; there is no other way. Everything is a luscious experience of creating and our bodies are gifts, not punishments. We have free will, to support the whole (which is really us) or steal and squelch and squeeze the magic off of this world.

I AM remembering the summer of 69, Vashon Island. My 13th birthday, Coke Sherlock took me to her tree. Coke had a look and style of Elizabeth Taylor, she liked to cook, she liked color. She was younger than my mother by a couple years. She was married to Dick, who's style resembled Johnny Cash. I always thought that Dick could read all of my thoughts and knew what I thought of his (step)daughter who multiple times had ambushed me with knuckles to my budding breasts.
I kept my horse on their five acres, along with my best friend Cindy’s horse. That’s why Rhonda slammed me so many times, we would leave her out of things because she was escalating in her jealousy and hard to be around plus we were at that age of easy meanness.
Coke took me to her tree and talked about the trees comforting powers and then she told me how her brother had died when she was my age. She told me how he died but I don’t remember that. She cried. She wouldn’t let Cindy and Rhonda come to talk with us. She only wanted to talk to me. One week later my brother died.
We had already sent my horse back to its pasture in Bothell so that day I was riding another horse, Kelly. My brother Brian and brother Glenn said that they wanted to go to a horse show on Bainbridge Island with the Wright's.
Francis Wright, mother to five and a farm women from the Ozarks, it seems. She was skinny and loud with a mean streak to her kids when she was mad, pulls up in an over-sized pickup truck with the sides built up and a tack area above the cab, to the Vashon Fair Ground arena and invited all of us to go to a Bainbridge Island horse show for an overnight. I wanted to go but Dick wouldn’t let Kelly be led home by Cindy on her horse Misty. I remember the truck driving off as an echo.

Minutes later, my brother, Brian, was killed when that truck tipped over on a hairpin curve as it was headed to the cabin where we were staying, to ask our mom if Brian and Glenn could go to the Horse show.
Brian was eighteen months younger than me and was my soul's friend. That summer we talked in our sleep to each other, through a wall. His bed was next to mine but in the other room.

There is more to the story but that is what I am wanting to remember today. Venus conj. natal Pluto. Trine of natal Pluto to the Moon, which is in Sag. Chiron is running away from my Mars towards Neptune (both) reversed in Pisces. In essence, Jupiter is its beginning of square with Pluto expanding Pluto My conclusion, All planets are my allies.POW