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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thank you internet

All perspective is filtered through the lens given us. Above, middle and below. Taming the beast means turning to greet that shadow that stalks us The mirror room of Pisces- Neptune Rules this realm of the Game.

Hint of Play: I start all my sentences with so. In my mind I journey on switchbacks like a tide booming on the rocks
Many droplets shimmering, shimmering, I got lost in the journey like a cloverleaf with four petals
Tide booming chasing me as I fall, bleeding from the heart, many tears.
Droplets of salt like the ocean caught by the tongue
Ears that hear other worlds bleeding
Where am I now?
So… written Oct. 2014

Killing is easy
There are many ways to slay someone
a child dies a little
From a thoughtless word or look
they die when no one has seen their magnificent self
not seen because the culture hasn’t yet lifted the veil
And those wounded children have become dead adults
Whose numinous has been stolen
They react instead of think
They react in what the data monsters call ‘predictable patterns’
These dead adults are put to tasks of dire consequences

I will not call them who hunt me predators
That would be honoring them in a way that they do not deserve.
They are parasites that will and mean to kill their hosts

Metallic thoughts, they call themselves ‘intelligence’.
Oxymoron indeed.
Without love, intelligence can be a demonic force of heartless dominion.
So I want to say so whenever I start something true so
The strands of the dream to be picked up again
And woven by our thoughts echoing through time
Screams of terror in the now reverberate
A drum beats slow
The strands
Jewels strewn across the sky
we are eternity
New 7:21:10 AM Ω∞
Thursday, October 09, 2014 Intro. Obviously I write from my opinion, opinion that often has been inspired by others. I will note these influences at the end of this in my footnote section but first I will write in the order that seems important today without stating that it is my opinion. The information that I plan to submit now stands as everyone’s territory. I will speak from a Christian orientation but from the mystic Christian line, which accepts the love and light together in all of humanities teachings and does not flinch at learning from new perceptions. . We need to use it or lose it.
Breaking through the psychological gates of control is our task. That is the Sword that Jesus gave us. It is an energetic sword. The morning of the Full Lunar Eclipse, I prayed for help in the task that I have been set upon. Holding energetic patterns and grounding them into the Earth. It is what I want to do all day long, ignoring ‘the real world’ as we are programmed to believe it to be.
I realized that I’d have more help if I taught these metaphysical tools that I use to others. I see, is large pockets of fully capable Beings stuck in a tar like frequency of thought. Ooze from the depths of fear. Frozen, they have become the Zombie masses who believe many lies. These lies have been sequenced into the patterns of our DNA. Our thoughts can lift the programming if we use our heart medicine. Our heart medicine is the medicine that each of us hold for the future of this planet Earth, Gaia, Terra, Eden…
How do we honor this energy that holds us and shows us the way into the divine? We do this by being who we are, our wild self knows who we are. We need to use our gifts adequately tempered by love.
Light without love, is raw power and seeks to eat the light of others in order to be full. This force, the overblown masculine force has been unrestrained and has done almost irreparable damage to this world and does not hesitate to kill all life. This energetic patterning, contorted and sludge-like has got to be exposed and removed so that it cannot claim Earth as its own. Did I say there is an energetic battle raging? There is a ghoulish goal to captivate humanities light into the darkness of stuck fear.

some other time I wrote this:
The desert
Calls me deep
The color is in my heart
the smell of the rain
in the parched sand that blistered
And wept

I ask you, was it necessary to bring up those hidden elements?
They will change us forever
We have to amp our individual energy up or die.

The offering -my offering
The Goddess Thetis will preside;
I see where I want to go

I want to use my gifts