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Sunday, November 30, 2014


The edge
We walk the edge of discovery of the power that we weld
We walk the path before dawn
Dark and in a storm
The burden heavy
Dawn seems far as we trip over roots that rise before our twisted path

I think that I wrote this in May? Maybe :Jeffrey Wolf Green talked about Lucifer in his 2005 Sedona Video
Things that I hadn’t put into context
Lucifer refusing to serve humanity and insisting that humanity instead serves it.
About how Lucifer controls us by using our negative emotions, the tinder boxes in our charts, to be in this world. I’d never really thought about that issue. How Lucifer is seated in our world; Seated still in all of the high places. Lucifer the victim of its own choice of separation from God (the source of all things) so it steals light from humanity and whines about how sniveling humanity is.
How Sniveling is Lucifer.
Back away from the wall I say.
I realize that my job on this planet is holding the light from divinity and sinking it into all places traversed in my mind, body and soul.

I was playing with this concept this last summer:
Freedumb in Amerika:
Chemically and Sublimely Altering the Minds and Hearts of Humanity
Freedom of Speech - Deal with it.
Some say that there is a conspiracy. ‘Conspiracy’ the dirty word that we are not supposed to think about unless, of course, we are a ‘crackpot’ or ‘on pot’ or ‘nuts’ or a ‘dangerous and violent terrorist sending subversive information upsetting to the security of our nation’ across the web….
We become the Gate Keeper’s deputies. Dutifully judging our thoughts and excluding ones that are out of the norm. Thoughts that challenge the status quo are disallowed. “For God’s sake Child, you can’t argue with God!” I for one say why not argue with God? At least you are setting up a dialogue.
I find that since I am a free thinker and an activist, that I have been followed for a number of years, by a church group like network, doing their good deeds. If I am to be truthful, I am tired of noticing and am trying not to worry or resist them. They believe that they are doing ‘the Lord’s Work’ or something like that. DARPA, I think, provides their funding. Being a spy is glorified in our media, so it makes them feel important. ‘Impotent’ as I like to say. I will call them innocent for now. In the long run however, I worry for their souls because they are servants of something devouring and dark.
There are others, who are paid to kill: mercenaries, who specialize in road accidents and such. They worship money and justify themselves because they too have been heavily programmed by the military and the media such as; video games. I will go into this later.
So you may dismiss me as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I am, obviously so. Do not buy this book if you want to keep your thoughts in line with the permitted domesticated ‘good boys and girls’ thinking that has been installed by a consumer culture stripped of relevance and soul.

The subconscious and how it works
Brain wave entrainment
Subliminal programming
The body and how it works
Autonomic nervous system
drugs follow the doctors orders…. Or ELSE
vaccines and prescriptions
Studies of studies
The scientific method
Placebo effect and placeboes in studies
Double blind vesus wanting a certain result and excluding data that differs from results
the sky homeland SUCK HEAR IT EEEE
the military and private corporations allowed to ZAP OUR HOMELAND AND THE GLOBAL BIOSPHERE and THE DANGER OF INIHALATION
Jane and alice
why can’t you see what is in front of you?
Spetrum of beauty a programmed model limiting your vision and love for yourself
Botox of the mind
Trashing ourselves we’ve been been trained to trash ourselves constantly
your teeth
mercury and floride
they are your teeth
PART TWO: The Cure
Energetic integrity vibration and reality
The senses limitations of spectrum
Imagination drilled out of us
Importance of imagination
frequency and Unity