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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


we are told that war is human nature. I say, war is cultivated using activation of our LIXARD brain, easily into our emotional programming deeply we defend our programming with vengeance. That is the program of the program. this is hard to watch but if half of it is true The assumption that is to be made is it is a giant on steroids now. Unchecked criminal behavior is classified behavior, nOT for national security but for fascist goals. the blind lead the blind.

The most frightening is the last ten minutes...

why I WRITE cryptic messages that I pray are being monitored
while being pronounced schizoid or maybe a 'secret schizoid' by the closed off walled off programmed programmers. I KNEW before 911 that something was going to happen and I knew it was going to be big. The Friday prior to september 11, 2001, I SOLD (for my mother) sixty thousand dollars worth of stock because I assumed that the symbol crash that kept making appearances was symbolic of the stock market crashing, I KNEW 'they' were manipulating a disaster. I SAID IT TO BILL RACKET BALL WHITE VAN BILL ....So I FIGURE that I might as well put it out there, in case these strong feelings are right. I am not going to ignore intuitive hits, I learned
that much in this life.