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Monday, November 2, 2015

the tyme is nye

Waking up waves doing my part of the puxxle.

We need to stop them today. There is no time to wait and think about it. Today
I think exposing 911 on main stream media is one of the channels that would make them pause and then physically going to construction areas and saying you are an inspector, that sort of thing, watching the suits in disguise.
That sort of thing...Seattle multi/ PORTLAND bridge complex That is my hit this morning.

(YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY),PORTS A transport ship I hope I never know that I am right.

With magic power I Would knight many, millions, to their duty as human Beings, and we would also go after the Supremes and their family's money and how it was made. The power they weld is taking down the constitution and most have taken the oath to defend the constitution and it has NOT BEEN DEFENDED.

Where are there plans for FEMA drills or other drills?