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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mars- Saturn

(I always thought it was knights in White Satin)
As Jupiter the expansive is in review and opposite Chiron- both are symbolized by Centaurs. JUPITER the expansive, has been walking with the North Node of the Moon which gives us our aim. 'They' (as in the parasites that live under the psychopathic paradigm)want to use the shadow of the Mars/Saturn conjunction to foment war. PERPETUAL war. The ones who feed off the blood sacrifice of the killing fields are spurring their minions on.
I say that we who see this potential- to use Mars TO IDENTIFY AND Dismantle THE PSYCHOPATHIC PARADIGM THAT HAS BEEN RULING THIS PLANET FOR TOO LONG. We need to stop the belief in WAR (within and without). Our thoughts and emotions are seeds to our future. Mars is initiation, the knight going forth. NOT AS A ROBOT but as inspired. May the thoughts and emotions sprouting in our minds be led by a our spiritual selves instead of allowing the theft of our emotions and the theft of our thoughts and thinking. 911 the last time a similar regress happened with Mars our hearts and minds were raped by a lie so big it threatens to destroy all we know and value.
What value do lies serve us? Where do lies come from?/\