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Sunday, February 14, 2016


2/14/2016 5:18 AM
Antonon Scalia
I danced a bit when I heard the news that he died. After torture and Snowdon and whistleblower abuse- after the Patriot Act and his wife laundering money- all that made him an internal threat to The United States Constitution – to my mind- so I shamefully admit to celebrating and literally dancing at the news of his death.
I woke up this morning too early- considering the turned heads- the shaking and trembling this has caused. The wondering- since hits are an ever expanding strategy ‘they’ must be asking- was he was murdered? Then the question- Why? And why now? That also is an infinite treatise in itself. Both of the cauterized and polarized sides have reason to murder him. And what was the ‘Private Party ‘ of 40 about at the ‘WEST Texas Ranch’ And who attended? And what blunders had Scalia made the last month? To me it doesn’t hit me square that the ‘Them’ as in his handlers- killed him – the hallmarks aren’t apparent. In fact why not just accept that “ he died of ‘natural causes’ ? which then takes me directly to’ natural born citizenship’….Let’s take a Cruz- shall we//// Did Scalia mumble anything about Cruz not being a ‘Naturally born Citizen’? Hmm?.
This morning- Scalia seems sweet and maybe was under much stress. What a difference sleep can have on my thinking….Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

A note on trade deals-
Trade deals that go against the sovereignty of the USA and that ignore our Constitutional Rights… are invalid because the Constitution has to be the framework for of all Treaties and Trade deals. If foreign and Corporate bodies can subvert our Constitution via these treaties and trade deals –WTO style- they cannot be and are not valid. We do not have to follow their dictates… period. They are invalid as laws over us and cannot be mandated as law over our land because they are unconstitutional at their basis.

And by the way- there is no hierarchy of oaths… one cannot take an oath and then lay a contrary oath upon it. The first oath still stands unless rescinded in a conscious aware way and for the oath to our constitution- I would say all public servants – would have to revoke their oath in a public manner because they are servants to the constitution and to 'we the people' of the UNITED STATES of America.
The Constitution is the Law of the Land and is inconvenient at times- no laws can be made valid- that break our constitution even though a rampant trajectory of executive orders have been made- wartime has not been declared- yet

We have been a breath away from a prison planet .yeah team