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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Checks and Balances

mr. toad of the Wind in the Willows
I know that civics was dropped from public schools in the Regan Bush Era, like public airwaves were given away to the corporations. I was taught civics. I was taught about the the constitution and the three branches of the federal government.Congress makes the laws within the constraint of the constitution. The executive signs in the laws or signs in the law or vetoes it if it is objectionable. The Judiciary uses the constitution as the format for Justice. Executive orders bypass the checks and balances and give the President powers that the President is not meant to have. It breaks the constitution like so much of the last fifty years.
Now we have a President who has no understanding of the environment, women;s issues, the free press and freedom of speech.
I see Trump's mouthpiece Alex Jones taking footage from the Women's March and claiming it is footage of the inauguration. Alex Jone's is like a rabid dog right now. Touting and bragging that Trump is going to deregulate by 70 percent. Alex do you believe that fresh air is valuable? The environment is the future or the lack there of. We are screwed having short sighted men at the helm. Trump is not an outsider, he is a corporate possessed, ego driven, shill.
We could lose it all by allowing unrestrained corporations have more power to destroy our world , our sacred world. These are the most intense times that I have felt. Zombie fool.