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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sick of IT

The Flu: coughing till i gag, whining, moaning, feeling sorry for my self, Linda Ronstadt playing in my head. pissed. sad. A hopeless journey where this planet feels like it is to much. To many lies. I look at the sky, and wonder why the majority of people are not screeching about the rape of our sky, done in plain sight. Do most people keep there eyes on the ground? I feel like Kali today. I want to say 'Off with their heads' because they are such rat bastards. Monsanto I WOULD bomb out of this reality taking all their assets and giving the land back to families to farm. I would destroy all weather modification formulas that use neurotoxins and poisons as their 'proprietary formulas'.

I remember Obama's inauguration eight years ago, where the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court made a mistake so Obama had to be re inaugurated in a private, corrected ceremony. Dick Cheney looked like he had bombs in his wheel chair and I remember the chemtrails as a backdrop to the day.
Here comes the Trump inauguration. The NEOS are hoping for a day of violence. They are banking on it.
For me, Hilary represented the double edge knife of the dead hand. The NEO liberal and the NEO conservatives have the same global domination goals, which covers the stench of rotting corpses with a plastic smile and a wave. Trump at least -having never grown emotionally past three years old- is refreshingly unpredictable and Uranian in nature and will not tolerate being forced to behave.