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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

unspeakable tragedy contracts to silence the unthinkable

woke up to a beautiful blue morning
with stripes of the tell-tale layering of coolant laden clouds
which joined together to form a winter
like day.
my heart breaks at the idiotic scientists who spray poison as a cure to everything
what can or what should I do?

I can't even think about what the dispersant and the oil spill. I'd like to kick the pilots who spray the dispersant and the daily aerosal in the balls and jail the CEO's of the oil companies and Haliburton break them up. Only allow US corporations drilling rights with safety rules and give away solar panels instead of corporate subsidies.
The companies have any money that they give the people who live in the affected areas of the oil spill sign gag order contracts. these should be unconstitutional And I heard that they wouldn't let the men who survived the rig explosion off the rescue ship until they signed a contract saying they wouldn't talk about what happened. I am sure there were threats involved. I hope who organised the protocol these men suffer at the magnitude of the damage they cause. They should have their assets frozen.

but no because Ass-holes rule! I need to let my anger go now.

one last word and the word is FUCK