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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

three five zero

if you've ever read Project for a New Century (PNAC) Rebuilding America's Defences You would know that the goal is ...Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the Korean Peninsula. They want to fight major wars on two continents. Now the same people are exchanging fluids with China.

Where is the proof about the missile hitting the war ship? Why wasn't it news in March? The military industrial complex needs perpetual war to thrive. The prison industrial complex needs the war on drugs to thrive. The oil barons need us to still scream 'drill baby drill'. instead of 'dismantle those mother fucker's now!' slogans....and the drug industry needs us sick to thrive. It is all contrived for the contrived idea and their God... called Money.... Our Military contractors bring in the Heroin and say its the Mexican Drug Cartels. How many Billions of dollars
are being funnelled into a private army via these drug funds?

I still believe the Obama would do the right thing if the the target on his chest wasn't so big.
Poison guns knives,bombs, camera's. microphones, are every where. we the people, are at the pinnacle of decision -> do we slumber, or wake up.. now..... 'THEY' don't realise that they are kicking us into awareness... The lies are circled in neon now. Pluto. Uranus,Saturn and Neptune doing their wake-up dance, Homeland Security should always remember the Magicians trick.....divert the eye....look over here. over here...Where is Cheney and his Ilke? a likely safe area... It is a matter of days to something extreme.....each person is a potential hero or a potential whore....Which will it be?