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Monday, July 25, 2011

Its not a 'War on Drugs' its a 'War for Drugs'

When are they going to fry the northwest?

I dreamt I was on top of a coca cola truck in some costume with a large sun-hat that I had to hold onto going over the I-5 bridge I was looking West where lake Union should be and I kept passing linemen platforms with about 20 to 30 guys in hardhats on each. Probably passed 5 or 6 platforms. I kept expecting them to drop a wire on me, but was kind of in disguise like I was in a parade ore something.

So now I am awake thinking about my dream. Then I start thinking about the sky and they are definitely zapping it. Experimenting daily. Sky painters-(“ why they are artists”). And I hope they fry. Fry fry as they risk the world as we know it for some theory that includes devastation and control. And Homeland Security reflects its name which Hitler would use in most of his speeches “Homeland Security” they really don't care about the Homeland or Security. Look what they did to Australia. Rupert Murdoch is a part of the Dead Hand as it sweeps the world in a fist like gesture, where, where, where? Where do 'they' stand to gain the most? They stand to gain from disaster, like Naomi Klein pointed out. Killing 6,00,000 million people in Africa, no problem. Africa. Now their goal is to turn the USA into a third world nation. Seizing its wealth and destroying for good the myth of a free and just country.

My line of thinking that gives me the most comfort is the Youth. The Youth, the wisdom that still remains cloaked because they are attacking them as we speak. Telling them there is no hope and providing black tar heroine to possess their souls. My government pretends to have a “ war on drugs”
but really it is a “ war for drugs”. Mutilating the hopes and dreams of so many.

The plans are to keep us poor,then they have all the soldiers and spies that they need. Citizens willing to take pictures of people, thinking that they are helping, They stand on the corners and gather data for the ones who do not care if this nation dies.

For about a month or two they have a scaler system that seems to be used like it is a permanent installation. Get us oohing and awing at those beautiful cloud that they have zapped a few times. What will happen if they decide to increase the voltage? Do you really think that it is benign?

They were doing something to my road (whenever I passed them I got a creeped out feeling), 'Taking soil samples' but I keep wondering did they put some kind of metallic conductor plug in the road (where the Earth symbols on my road from the water plant towards town) and they have been revamping the power lines were they retrofitting them? probably not but it could be how they camouflage the arrays. because of cloud drifts I am not sure of the center of the circles that they form are coming from? logic would way Vancouver Island' the Navel Base and Whidbey Island. but it could be by a location near you. What fun. I need to go back to studying herbs and muscles and things. If we want to stay asleep. Boom will be our alarm clock and we will wake up. at least some. It takes a willingness to suspend your programming. There is a default mode that everyone can reach but it is buried in cultural data used to control and 'mine' our power.

its my day off

there is a new breed of human that holds love beautifully