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Friday, December 14, 2012


Later that day....shooting twenty kids six adults one alleged killer.

Sandy Hook Elementary School, twenty seven dead. My questions:
Coincidental name= Sandy Hook Elementary School
Sets my mind to wandering….failed Oregon shooting possible? The giant fear factor - Kids are targets because we all can imagine it.
OK I always might assume that it is a covert action no matter what the media tells me because the media is a stage/
My lesson lies in my gut- How angry I get at the blamed perpetrator. I have the instinct for revenge. So vivid that I have to ask for forgiveness for my thoughts and try to harness my thinking away from the original anger that is wanting to kill an already dead person…… 2) the magic number of twenty seven concerns me.
Our lessons - We mothers children and protectors need to learn to hold safe space. Breath, and spread a grid. Your grid.: Your very own imaginary framework like a flower spreading out to whatever the parameters are. If you perceive a block in the net-Check it out-energetically asking what the blockage is? Some people may see or hear something. A shout. Check out the feeling. Pretend you are radar. You are. I have found sometimes masses of people walking off the planet like zombies not knowing the choice is theirs. Free will is reinstated.

this could be seen as a sacrifice to that which is exiled. My fear and thread is that the school was a sacrificial alter for something much bigger. .Uranus direct protect us now.
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