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Thursday, March 7, 2013

King Crimson

We have been taught that there are weeds and that weeds are the enemy of the gardener.
Many of the weeds are valuable herbs that followed humans because the herbs were brought on the
Journey to the New World. Some herbalists say that the weeds that grow around our abodes are
Offerings to our health. I would recommend getting to know the weeds around your home.
It’s hard when most people have no idea what I am talking about and don’t want to know what I
am talking about. So I want to hide under my covers and forget about all that. Maybe that’s what
Alzheimer’s is “forget about that….” Or maybe it’s the pharmaceutical cocktails that are dispensed to
our elderly?
I know that when the Doctor put my mom on statin she started to scare me because she was
fogging out. I wanted to call her doctor but she didn’t want me to. She got off of it and recovered
StatinT is contraindicated for people over seventy but what doctor knows that? Statin is a terrible
choice for women, Men don’t seem to have the same global amnesia problem from statin but women
do. It blocks an important coenzyme in the liver.
The studies on Statins are done and paid for by the pharmaceuticals who are wanting to profit from
the drugs in the study. Many of the studies are done with no oversight and actually done offshore. Who studies the
I have read some statin studies and more people died in the statin group than in the control group.
Only, they didn’t die from heart attack or stroke they died of other causes so in the eyes of the study those deaths have no relevance. The Mayo Clinic website pointed this out. Its scary.

The FDA mandates color coding of pills and instead of using vegetable based colors that are not
toxic the pharmaceuticals choose heavy metals like titanium dioxide. Numm. or more aptly stated, numb.
The question is: Does for profit medical care mean that it benefits the corporations involved in
medicine to have sick people and on some level do they want us sick and thus dependent on their
products? And what about
fluoride, the neurotoxin that is mandated in cities throughout our country and is a hazardous waste
product that now mainly comes from China? Again, no oversight. Where are my covers?

But first I have to shout and rage.... Oh Monsanto. Monster Monsanto, being a person, should be given the death penalty for its heinous schemes to kill the wild, replacing it with genetically modified life. Think about it. Look at the sky. That's what I am talking about. Monsanto has many subsidiaries and is more threatening than any other "terrorist"on this planet.

Is there in the plan, a great culling and they -the world planners- think that they are great men and good men? They follow a fallen angel and are mistaken. How do we illustrate this to them? How do we learn from our mistakes if mistakes are forbidden? That is the question posed to me. This is why I write. How can I be palatable in my writing about these things unless it is through fiction?
Below added april 2 after 2013 Easter Visit Table in rita's dining room... Pat and Julie and bill susan sofia and suze at table...Dear Jack, The Jack Kavorkian comment at the Easter table got me back on the suspicious mind track. .. I had to follow its synapses. Maybe I am wrong? I hope so. Prove me wrong.