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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Central Pole

The central pole of my psyche is the study of Empire

The bone I chew on. Like a Bull Terrier I don't know how to release my jaw.
Even when I am exploring other realms, I come back to this theme... Empire.
What a fun jaunt humanity has been on......war, greed, religious fervor and deceit.

How can we be done with this? I find myself so full of rage at the trickery of the programming that we all live under that I reflect the Empire that I rail at. I feel like without oversight all the cock roaches of Empire scurry forming a hammer over all of our heads, the threat. "Too big to fail" then we need to dismantle the whole system somehow. The only way I see this as happening is energetically shifting the game. We do this from our own point of play. Healing my own wounds. Forgiving.

One of the precepts of Empire is punishment.
Punishment doesn't work. Have you ever noticed? It makes people adept at lying and deceit. It makes people hide. The prison industrial system is the source of gangs in America. Prisons. Slime as a blueprint Mold as a paradigm. Like war, the illusion of safety is actually just that an illusion. It actually is building a police state. The failiure of the fall of Adam-Atlantis- replayed for us to heal or fall again.

My nation captured in a maze created by the conglomerate of media and institutions. The most danger that I see is the clowns selling weather modification and militarization of the police forces throughout our nation. Expensive in more ways than money. Poison.