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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Between the Veil

Tell of the battle between the veil

Oft we came to the cliff to look for the others, thinking that only they could save us.

I stood alone stationed on the green throne.
The wind wanting to pick me up-violently roared. I stood-
forgetting that no one could stand the rear guard that night. This night I was alone in a darkness of which no star shone

Only I
with the forces that seemed to be screaming of my many blunders
screaming of destruction and blame.
How could I go on?"

All that I am crumbles to the Earth.
Not knowing that my task is the task at hand,that relief is in unbinding the chains of self loathing.

But how?
there is so much that I had left undone

The Darkness of the Green Throne like deep cold water moving from an unknown direction

Nothing remained to set my bearings. (Was I there at all?) The Raiders came. Green Eyed with red pupils gleaming in their invisible heads. The attack was theirs . I had no defense except to shatter into many domains.

My task now, is to gather from a thousand thousand places the essence that was protected by the collapse.

written in my journal on - December 1, 2012