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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Science Whores

I AM sitting here thinking about
the crisis in our upper educational system- college and Universities
Capitalism has made its attack on the Universities by allowing the pharmaceuticals, oil interest and now the surveillance economy to have undo influence on what is considered to be taught as the 'ultimate in education'. Doctors seem like they are hypnotized to use the pharmaceuticals without question or concern with side effects or drug interaction but if a Doctor suggests the use of herbal adjuncts they could be reprimanded by the AMA. The scientific method is no longer used in most studies that I have read. Drug studies are allowed to be done by the drug maker and the studies are often outsourced to other countries with no oversight. Most doctors believe the myth of the scientific method that is propagated by the pharmaceuticals. .
Several scientific nightmares lie on our horizon because scientists are biased by a funnel of grant money. One such threat is geothermal engineering and is totally money oriented and has no bases in claiming that it is benign. It is not. It is toxic and invasive to all levels of our support system, the foundation of life on earth the soil and the ionosphere and water... Are they intentionally poisoning the commons so that they can control the populations as they plan to rule the Earth? Colonialism- Empire - has been a curse upon this Earth and Humanity for far too long. may we recognize Empire when we see it and may it rest in peace.