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Sunday, December 29, 2013

A note about 'Medical Marijuana: A Kief Primer'

I am writing a book called Medical Marijuana: A kief Primer for Caregivers by Cloud Thunder, It is pamphlet one in Our Allies Abound - Greengate Legacy Series....I posted an embarrassing shard encrusted rough draft on kindle Christmas Day. Last night I dreampt that my laptops monitor was gone. This old computer sounds like a drill now the hinge is broken so it flaps down if it is not supported and every once in a while the screen flashes off when that happens. I can't save to cd? so I tried to email it and it errors so I may be posting the latest draft sooner than its ready or I will hurry to get 'er done. Of coarse I have been sampling too much when I play with the recipes.
Things are intense on all fronts in my life, this writing project keeps me floating.