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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Narrow Gate

Only one way to meet the Holy One and that is through Love
not the theft of light
Our journey has been slowed
by our split
the backwards field
trying to save ourselves using the body
Such a terrifying experience.
Tyranny has been self imposed
when we comprehend the crossroad before us
we all have wands that light our way

but The field of light does not hail from our bodies but is expressed through our bodies
Empire's goal has been to sprinkle truth into a great lie

the lie of division
The unrestrained male energy
made female dangerous
The feminine energy is our right brain
we all have it but it has been split off and shunned because it is the very power of creation
and knows things that the male energy cannot see because it needs to divide in order to conquer its goals.
The feminine shines and is what will stop this insanity
Empire tells you to be afraid, be very afraid
Spirit says= follow me and shine forth