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Thursday, December 17, 2015


The reason for the wound up poker game of escalation of the threats from the shadow - the DEAD HAND- is we - the people- are figuring the game out fast. we are meant to be here. We Are Meant to figure it out... but most are to afraid to see the unthinkable- to see where we really are at. I am of the mind that we have to identify the problem before we can navigate to the solution. The problem is is they flash the truth the truth the truth and then add the lie and we are tricked to think the lie is the truth. The main stream media is owned by the carpet baggers- the ones who profit by war. Cruel psychopathic meme HENRY KISSENGER, is the example I will use as the psychopathic meme HE sees it as a power game and people as consequential and exploitable commodities. War is his motive. Eating the dying with pride of his service to the force of all war. Energetically -now- no person can claim innocence any more...`They` are there parading waggling inciting with false flags-lies so obvious -no debate anymore about nine eleven- not if you open to the facts and not the hypnotic narrative/

tHIS video -IS INFORMATION some facts that need to be seen
we all need to come to our own energetic conclusions.