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Monday, December 7, 2015

OX ring

We say that we believe and then we do not trust.
We say that the divine is bigger than anything because it is in everything. And then we twist and turn -writhe and weep- so afraid that we build weapons that will could destroy all things. We from the mystical roots of all religion are called to LOVE and we hate.
There are those who think they don't have to care, they don't have to engage... They sit and root for teams... without thought or presence of mind to add to the world... they only take... because they are numb to the call...hypnotized that they are small and have nothing to do with the trouble we- life on Earth - are in... because of the fear->weapons.Killing doesn't destroy feeds it.

'They' * (in this case the US JUSTICE? DEPARTMENT) said to the citizenry, when Snowden had to escape for his life- that we can not report the illegal activities of our country with out the threat of death...
We need a thousand thousand Snowdens before the dead hand can pull out bigger tricks than PARIS... they have scared us. We know their plans because they start as media frenzied postulations. 'They'-the fascist shadow of the dead hand- announce the plans using all aspects of the media. Crumbs for the curious. They make matters known - follow ... the privatized protectors of the status quo We-north Americans- could be another Syria Syria is considered practice by the fascist shadow.

Sleeping giant arise from your sleep.... in the courage of peace.