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Friday, April 7, 2017

Lamentation of a Cloud

Once, long ago, we stood heads held high= living in the myth of wisdom, of JUSTICE,of Mercy,of Joy.
Tender touch a warm July wind, waiting for the warmth to rise, Instead facing the mirror peering behind me, going on forever, A holographic blast. The future woven by the past program installed upon every mind.. kill beauty to eat its power, The feminine destroyed with a brutal hand. The wind being forced to blow with the zapping, the bapping, the mapping. Theories digested on the go. weather, modifuckation. Not supposed to glimmer, Not supposed to see what falls from the sky. we have one chance, to make a stand, before they play the big game,They play to distract us.

Freedom of Speech They are trying to make it a federal offense and then what?
They have decided that the constitution can be ignored. That a standing army of surveillance and contractors are ready to go and on the edge of creating the crisis to keep the game going.