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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon

Moody Blues

Pillars of research

Neo Conservatives and Neo Liberals Study and reveal their codes and activities.

Pedophilia Rings broken up and arrested perpetrators and slave runners and the drug and arms trades that are tied into the Pedophilia.

Earthquakes studied for HAARP type Activities. Cell towers should have electric limits so that they cannot be weaponized.

Coroners - threads of meetings and calls that happen before fatalities.

Formula studies of weather modification and who plans the weather? What corporations benefit? Which Agencies are in charge?

All companies that require gag orders that hide illegal activities should be under study and the gag orders called unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Massive destructive force curtailed if people could talk. Assets seized and held if companies are operating treasonous activities.

Where are the next drills being planned? Listen to chatter.

People surrounding the Orville Dam incident, have any died recently? Especially the whistle-blowers?

Where has all the money -trillions unaccounted for- gone.

Snap out of it.

ON an Island note... I heard last night that there was a report of two traffic fatalities and then it was taken off of the INTERNET Then I found out that it [probably?] wasn't traffic fatalities. Two Island kids were found dead in a basement bedroom, yesterday morning -> April 3, 2017. First story I heard is that it was probably carbon monoxide... but some people now are saying drugs, but the 33 year old man, "never did drugs" according to two people who knew him well.The other was a young women who had been in my son's high-school class [24 years old?].
We will hear the 'official story' soon. The 33 year old's sister found them dead. I took a class with the mother of the thirty three year old and remember the two kids, but didn't know them well. My son knew the young women well. My daughter, knew the man. Of coarse it touches home. Very sad.