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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Silence when you know

To theCDC I am trying to remember the word it goes with the phrase guilty due to...:Its when you know that something illegal is going on and you don't say anything, even though it is in your vicinity. YOU might even be denying it happening cause you don't want to lose your job.... or you have an unconstitutional gag order as a requirement for employment.
Is the word colluding? Sort of but it's not the word I AM looking for. Dang Gosh golly, I forget the word. It is when you know, in your gut that things are real bad. You know you don't want to know, so you won't look when you hear the screams. You are gutless. As bad as the perpetrator, Golum wheeze.
Shame Shame Shame.

Shame on All of you chicken shit whores.