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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cannapi on white car white man with metal

My experiences with Medicinal shopping collectives- an innate suspicion energy not open secretive probably because of the federal views and recent busting of collectives and threats by the feds. the hammer. then there is the set up... surveillance...strange views between the veil the beauty of the movement and the money incentive sets up a shady feel..... The positive side is it is filling a void in the communities that they serve. empty storefronts embued with a touch of freedom. true freedom. the crossroads. I wouldn't suggest that across the street - south side- 'George Town' that the feds have taken up shop on the crossroads. with a simple contraption implant gps signal devices on visiting cars. I thought that was illegal boys? talk about laws laws laws? 12;07 PACIFIC Dear President Obama, It is masterful Tweedle dee, to allow the DoJ and the DEA to close Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Thus, blunting the youth's urge to support the democrats (besides them already seeing that you have supported the continuation of the Bush regime)). The feds create the nasty energy around the safe use of marijuana. the Feds have been lying and breaking the constitution along with the rule of law as they track us by illegal means. I am starting to think that you, President Obama, are setting your self up to lose this election . Keep listening to the New Democrats -they would never shoot you in the back -(( I say with irony and spit.)) Hah! Chicago New York Freedom to all, not just the wanna rule Mob bosses. Sincerely, Nancy brickman