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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hemp Lifeline to the Future

I just started to read HEMP Lifeline to the Future

I am waking up to Hemp as being the answer. The Tree of Life in Ernest. That swirling around all the ills created by man here is a plant, whose crystalline matrix sings the solutions to our made up problems. How do we puncture through the wall of lies?
Mandatory consumption? I am joking. I am laughing. It makes me happy to ponder the Koch Brothers getting stoned on Blue Dream that was grown in a sacred manner.

the More I look into to the way things are, the more I can see how interwoven power and corruption are. I can[t blame it on capitalism because capitalism is a rues for the players who although they are padded by dollar bills still want to rule and to show their power through the power to destroy. Destruction is easy. a two year old can do it. so do I waggle my finger at demonic forces? Possession? Fear that people will call me crazy if I do. I will let people call me crazy.
`Our government is oozing with corruption and those in congress don't see that each time they capitulate to these forces they feed the forces that are set on poison;-they in essence are destroying the world for reelection. It fucking can overwhelm a person, so I swear and pray. and swear and shake my fist at G-d and say Free Will? Where is Free Will if we are unknowingly possessed? Freewill?

They love to kill loudmouths. Especially if they get in their way of making money.
Maybe that is why congress allows the Military to protect the Poppies and bring heroin into our country , it bumps up crime ie makes people afraid of each other and increases ((the prison and judicial system profits)), it steals the potential of millions , Its creates war,it creates a whole underground economy -ways to bribe.

Speaking of bribery, why don't some heroes look into the banking practices of the Supreme Court Justices and all of their families, their lawyers and other associates who could be funneling money to accounts for them say the Caymans or Argentina? whmm? Don't want to know how bad our country has gotten?

One thing that haunts me is that Obama had to take a separate Oath to John Roberts. John Roberts a Zealot who twists my stomach to ponder the epitome of the such a good boy he's evil complex.

Hemp truly could be the way out of this mess, but what will wake us up? What will make people have integrity? What will make people see through the lies? Me hopes that the sun zaps the satellites, that seems like it could go two ways: freak out the population or wake us up to community.

What if we had some hero whistle blowers who where shamans and could protect themselves and wouldn't shut up?

What if every oath to protect the Constitution was understood and upheld?
They would be busy busy busy. The hour glass has been turned and time is running out.

the skies, make me fall to my knees and wail. but the blind lead the blind.