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Saturday, April 21, 2012

New moon - Pluto looking things over

We are up shit creek yeah - with out a paddle People say its happened before only this time we are being squeezed onto the crossroads The cross roads man the division cast the teeth knashers think they'll get yet another chance yeah in 200,000 years The truth is crashing the party babe the truth for all to see
woke up on 4/22 and started adding this rant writing:I may not agree with everything in the posted videos for-instance the bin Laden the cause of 911. Micheal Moore got it wrong there but Al Gore did betray our nation-> for sure no doubt- and he does it still with his cronies handing Cheney the reigns. I also see that all drugs are not benign as with all guns sure we need to address the intrinsic inhumane civilization that leads to addictions but heroin and meth etc creates such a casym that lying and stealing are enmeshed within the addiction (creating dead hand "jobs") . Maybe all addiction includes denial. Living -just wanting to live- includes denial of the brutality of the Dead Hand. Men need to step abit aside and listen to the whisper listen to the shrill cry we need everyones voice in order to get out of this one
tina magic star
thank you ALL