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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Help me somebody - byrne

Song is asking the question....
"take s...look at yourself and see if you are the kind of person God wants you to be?"
"Its no big thing, its a small thing - what people think......."

,,,If you make your bed in Heaven, He's there
If you make your bed in Hell, He's there
Help me somebody Help me somebody..."

I heard the wind say that there was a party of twenty year olds buying guns...on san juan last night.... the coke dealer sold an AK 47 to an exited young man.
"Nuthin we can do about it" 'THEY' SAY.
IF its legal to sell guns, then what about bust the coke dealer?
Thug eyes, dull - proud to be stupid eyes
“why Ma-am guns is legal “

thats whats coming
drugged up kids with ak 47
brought to you by the good old dead hand. Profits is good ole boys.

reminds me of Jon Trudell saying "They don't care if you have guns and are going to ...
what they are scared of is if we think...
keep the kids drugged so they don't think. then put guns in their hands so we can take them away after another wipe out. we are asleep at the wheel going 120 miles / hour heading for the cliff. the stage has been set. and we (the people) are being set up/ We are propagandized chumps. I am looking for another country. jeeze. where are the truth tellingf, oath keeping, men of honor?