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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Empire & Cannabis - a time of truth

the whole thing
It being classified as one of the most dangerous drugs((ooh schedule One)) just accentuates that the lies of the government are rampant and corrupt. Euphoria is not allowed in this country....freedom to grow one of the most beautiful plants given to us-> points directly to the lie. We who find solace and enjoyment from growing and partaking in the Tree are outlaws who do no harm except in cracking the veil of the lie.

One of the main reasons that Cannabis is outlawed is control of consciousness. Empire claims ownership of the sacred, ownership of everything including our thoughts, our speech, our knowledge of what is being done in the name of rules. Rules that they call God... Its a trick. we are stolen... like the harp in Jack and the Bean Stock. We call out ... we point...and that - my friend - makes us very dangerous to Empire which perpetuates division, fear and greed.

By taking this sacred plant and demonizing it, Empire takes our ability to grow our own food -hemp is healthful and sustaining, clothing, paper, cars. fuels, plastics and medicine - Many things that would build community but profits would not be controllable by the monstous, corporations who own this world...lest you remember....