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Friday, July 13, 2012


Jill stood still for a moment when she saw the red beam from the sight of the gun pointed at her head. She stared at the place where it had been. It was dusk. Cascading to her thoughts was the full potential story..." women killed in a drug related theft". Only it was to early in the season ...they were setting up the scope. Then her mind took her down the sneak and peek status of her nation. Since marijuana is a schedule one drug , it is worse than heroin in the eyes of federal law, therefore it is seen as a terrorist act to be cultivating the God given healing herb that Jill sees as a spiritual link to the cosmos, that helps heal the division (the division that the Empire seed feeds off of). Only, the thing is, is heroin addicts are hired for sneak and peek missions as sub-contractors....then they get to skim a booty for themselves-all protected under an executive order that W put in place...protecting all the contractors from legal liability. "Nice country we live in......" Jill said when her lights were stolen.