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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the wire

The wire wiggles and zapps I follow it - careful not to touch- Its a look over here - slight of hand shooting- the sacrifice before the knock out punch. What's coming down the tracks? the choice is ours. In our minds , in our hearts. sometimes we get slapped around by our choice to be in denial about reality. We want to remain victims of the whims of the wind makers. some how some way we need to get through to 'them'. and it is not with a gun stuck down their throats though sometimes you play the game with them, by their rules. A dance. Only they forgot that their surveillance culture can and will be used to trap them, contain them and shame them, make them want to disappear. they are getting old and tired- one would hope- but the demon power won't let them rest. because they know - there will be no rest as they try to create hell on Earth for the mighty masters
of the dead hand....bonded to money and. power.