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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Questions - by design?

Holmes Theatre shooting Century 16 How did he get in the Exit door? Who had first access to any security camera's around Aurora? Any show the arrest? The list of the victims. What service branch was not represented in the dead victims? Any other service members shot in theater? How did they decide to go to the theater that night? Century 16 what does it mean in association with Aurora and or any other historic or mythological events? What medications was he on? Who prescribed them? Was he in any studies? Possibility Manchurian? why did he wear full riot gear? Where did he obtain it?
Motives of the dead hand if it is a part of it..... Election gun control Internet munitions and ammunition scare every one scream screech distract slight of hand the magician- ney- the priest at sacrifice for the god of Mammon Title of Event is a prerequisite for choice of drama date associations etc.. who is in charge of Colorado was he/she there during Columbine shooting. Who were the players in the investigation and what does that game board look like? I am sure Holmes is without a network of support. It is a tage. in my opinion. or a pre-stagewiki 1576 December - James Burbage builds The Theatre, the first permanent public playhouse in London, opening the great age of Elizabethan drama. Conclution - the Olympics is likely target England Elizabethan drama