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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Open Letter DEA Southern Diveision

I am writing this after watching Special Agent Patrick Kelly say with a straight face that pot is under schedule one because it has no medical use... (maybe he used the word cannabis) but really - no medical use?? what is wrong with you guys? My brother was a heroin addict- . I know what that looks like. I also know people who use cannabis effectively for pain, for sleep, for depression, for seizures, . Cancer -the list is endless and nobody can O.D. from unadulterated weed. I am drinking raw juice as I write this It does not get you stoned when it is raw. I know you need a job but why don't you bust the pentagon for bringing black tar heroin in from Afghanistan? OOps comments like that can get my ass killed. so I understand a little where you come from. You are in a dream and the dream turns to nightmare when the police state becomes all there is. really? is that how you want to justify your life? stifling freedom and liberty? It is the Tree , you know? Sincerely, Nancy Brickman Note on good boy Patrick Kelly: when you turn the volume off and watch agent Kelly - he moves like Obama and the cadence of his pauses are like Obama/ pray tell - not political? or is it prey tell? Look at eyes...I've seen that energy in a lot of politicians- a classic Dick Cheney type possession. (I am not kidding but have to laugh at the phrase "a classic Dick Cheney type possession )