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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Instead of writing of the horrors of weather modification and the coolant that they use that is poisoning our soil, air and magnetosphere , or writing about the art of population management thru hunger, I am going to write about the greening of our assisted living homes. This is how I want it. Green. Juicing at every meal , live foods, no warifin, gardens built at waist level or wheel chair level. A medicinal herb garden, a vegetable garden, fruits, basically a permaculture food park. Yoga, quadriceps training Nurse practitioners trained in herbal support, a functional medicine doctor on staff, a cancer specialist naturopath. A nutritionalist who is trained in raw foods and herbs. Classes and things to do that gives them a sence of belonging to the greater community and productiveness. Meditation and visualization.
Massage therapists and physical therapists available twice per week also poultice and waters for healing. Lovely music and things to do besides medications and tv.
Alopath’s only in emergencies since most are so proud of their ignorance of the herbal world.
And of course there would be an acre of weed.