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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sorry I said that Mrs. Thatcher

It just flew off my fingers in malicious words. Sorry Margaret T.. As I look at you in your old age, my heart sees that you were an exclamation point to the old ways. It takes decades to end an epoch. Thousands of years. If I take it from that perspective, I can forgive. You were following a programmed path. Programmed in a faulty way to seize power because of the lost connection. You had to eat power from others, to feel worthy. Worthy of what? I ask. If we are the image and likeness of god then fear is obsolete. That is the danger to you. To have us know who we are would lessen the hold that you had. If Margaret, then, I can learn to love you, and forgive you for what you have done, maybe, others will too. Then we won't stay on the path that you used Napalm, poison, and lies to forge. Maybe we can walk an octave away from war We float over that chasm