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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

kiss the sky

Who are the terrorists? They are the multinational companies who leach off of the public domain: air, water, earth, and plants. They poison us/ They steal our medicine and our tonics by making us programmed masses of human flesh that only reacts without contemplation. ( Contemplation is the 'handmaiden to the devil' don't cha' know?)The true terrorists are the ones whose hearts are telling them that they are doing wrong and they still do it.
The ones who steer the ships of fate, war, 'so called natural disasters' haarp geothermal engineering=> games to them. "Who will rule?" , to them The terrorists propagate war with forethought and calculation. The ones who think that they are better than Jesus who lays in the gutter next to the gated community. Those are the terrorists. The ones on the take are the terrorists. That sure nuff includes a wide swath of us who actually do these things with out thought. I think the tv sets need to be turned off and gardening might be the cure.